Enjoy a peek at a few of our Santas from over the years. Some unbelievable Santa carvings, sculptures and figurines have left thru the doors of Reasons to Believe.
Teri Embrey
Handcarved Santas, original designs carved painted and signed by Teri Embrey. 'Reflections of the Soul' Santa designs.
Porcelain Santas
Beautiful detail, amazingly finished figurines in vibrant and glossy colors only found only in porcelain ceramic enamels. Santas that really catch your eye.
Mike Shipley
Mike Shipley has been carving Santa figurine characters since 1976. He is a self-taught carver and is well known for his distinctive clean cut style of carving and affordable Santas.
Charles Knopp
Great little hand carved Santas starting under $100. All unique designs.
Kathryn Bixby
Santa gourds detailed with polymer clay. Wonderfully unique, one of a kind Santa Claus characters sure to please.
Dennis Brown
A small sampling of Dennis Brown Santas sold over the years. One of a kind Santas designed, sculpted, painted and signed by Dennis.
Janell Berryman
Whimsical, fun, expressive and always unique! Hand crafter from paper clay and polymer clay with various craft accents - explore Janell's Santa creations. Start your collection today!