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Russian Santas are hand-carved from a solid piece of wood and hand-painted by select artists from all over Russia. The wood used is from the Linden tree (lime), commonly known in North America as basswood, and is carefully selected and typically dried for at least two years.

Carvings are traditionally carried from village to village to be exquisitely hand-painted by selected, talented artists. In some cases, figures travel over a thousand miles and it may take several weeks to complete a single piece. The magnificent painting on each woodcarving is unique to that artist and usually portray scenes from the winter holiday seasons and characters from Russian folklore.

It is very common to see carvings of Russian Santas and Father frost with characters such as the Snow maiden, angels, children (representing the coming year), or a traditional Troika (three horses pulling the sleigh) in a winter scene. Modern pieces have become “Americanized” with beautiful scenes of the American version of Santa Claus and our own holiday traditions painted on the carvings. For centuries carvings were highly lacquered to protect the painted scenes and the wood from the elements of time, whereas some of the newer carvings have a “matte” finish for a different look.

Unlike mold-cast figures, the result of a hand-carved, solid piece of wood is that each and every piece is an original - very unique in the collectibles industry.

Reasons to Believe currently promotes the carvings of over twenty Russian craftsmen and artists specializing in Russian Santas, or better know as Father Frost figurines. This classic collection of majestic Santa figurines, each carved and painted in the rich detail characterized by traditional folklore, is certain to bring you good tidings of the season.