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Peggy Abrams Santas - Making Seasons Bright

Peggy Abrams is recognized around the world for the nostalgic and sentimental images she has been creating for decades. Peggy began to sketch as a young girl and is self-taught in a variety of mediums including oil and watercolor. Her first drawings were on empty cereal boxes and old scraps of wallpaper, - anything her mother could find to serve as her sketchpad. After many years of designing florals and Victorian images, Peggy began to develop a series of the distinctive Santas. Her "Windswept Santas" have become her signature collection. These images are not from any idea other than Peggy's own mind and heart. Peggy's large collection of work, which includes whimsical Santas, is developed in her converted garage studio and licensed through many companies. Enjoy Peggy Abrams new series of Santa figurines - 'Making Seasons Bright'.

Great Northern Santa
Price: $79.95
Artist: Peggy Abrams
Let Freedom Shine
Price: $89.95
Artist: Peggy Abrams