Santa Claus Themes

Categorized for simple navigation, browse these popular Santa Claus themes for some of your favorites. From Cowboy Santas, Santas at the beach, Irish Santas, Black Santas and Folk Santas to Old World and Spiritual Santas we've probably got one in stock especially for you. This is a collection of both handmade, wood clay, paper mache Santas as well as limited edition cast figurines - resin.

Food and Beverage
Bon Apetite - fine dining, wine and a round of beer with his pals. These Santa figurines make wonderful gifts!
Tropical Santas
Nautical and island-style beach Santas, pure fun in the sun! One of our more popular categories!
Black Santas
African American Santa Claus figurines and hand-carved Santas. A great selection of hard-to-find black Santas.
Cowboy Santas
Hand carved Cowboy Santas & several cowboy Santa figurines. These cowboy Santas come in all sizes, shapes, designs, materials and colors.
Patriotic Santas
Stars and stripes, red, white and blue, all American Santa Claus figurines. Some one of a kind Santas as well.
Nature and Wildlife
A wonderful collection of warm rustic Santa figurines - many of which you'd have a difficult time believing they're not carved out of wood.
Sport Santas
Santa loves all sports, from baseball and football to fishing and horseshoes. He can play with the best of them.
Old World Santas
Old world, classic designs of Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas, and various gift-givers from centuries past.
Irish and Celtic Santas
Irish, Scotish and Celtic Santa figurines. Regional and traditional Santas from fun and festive to classical.
Decorative Santas
Fun, colorful, decorative Santas to get anyone in the mood for Christmas. Great Santas don't always come from big companies!
Spiritual Santas
Classic kneeling Santas and those portraying the more spiritual and religious side of Christmas.
Folk Santas
Wonderfully unique Santa Claus characters we consider 'Folk Santas'. Sometimes primitive, sometimes Americana, always fun.
Pets with Santa
Dogs, cats, rabbits, cows, pigs, birds and so much more. Santa really is an animal lover, just like you.
Around the World
Santas from an assortment of heritages, countries and territories from around the world.
Santa and Kids
Santa without children is like having cookies without milk!
Mr and Mrs Claus
Where would Santa be without his lovely and caring Mrs?