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Native American Christmas

Native American Christmas

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: rtalaskanest
Price: $285.00
Material: linden wood
Approx. Size: 7.25"
Set of: 5 pieces

Native American Christmas. This matte finished Matryoshka is filled with beautiful detail depicting Native American / Alaskan Christmas scenes. Polar bears, puffin, salmon, fur trimmed clothing, furs, crafts, fishing and kayaking. Exquisitly painted. Signed by the artist.Traditionally referred to as 'matryoshka' (from Russian female first name 'Matryona' - associated with a robust Russian woman), but also known as nesting dolls, stacking dolls, babushka dolls. Though most North Americans probably wouldn't consider these wood pieces 'dolls'. Painted by hand in either water colors or oils, some have a matte finish while others follow in the more traditionally known and recognized lacquer finish. Most are signed on the bottom by the painter.