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Santa and the Fox - box

Santa and the Fox - box

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: rsl-CH08019
Price: $195.00
Regular Price: $300 (You Save 35%)
Material: linden wood
Approx. Size: 10.5 x 7.5
Hand Carved: solid wood
This Santa is: sold out

Santa and the fox, with hidden box - This unique Russian piece may represent one of Aesop's fables, The Fox and the Cat. The wooden fox has another surprise, a hidden compartment underneath Santa Claus. The representation of the characters in the fable are clearly shown in this beautiful and brightly painted wood carving. The fable told is about a a fox and a cat who were out walking together one day when the fox began to boast about how clever he was. The fox proclaimed that he was prepared for any situation as his bags of tricks could keep him from being captured by any of his enemies. The cat humbly confesses that he only has one trick that has always worked for him. The fox soon mocks the cat by comparing his hundred different ways of escaping to the cat's only one way. The cat tries to defend himself by stating that he would rather have one trick that always works than to have many that only might work. The fox quickly points out that he is smarter than the cat which is why he has some many tricks. Just then, a pack of dogs came running to them and the cat quickly ran up the tree and hid on the highest branch. The cat yelled down to the fox, "That's my trick! You better quickly get your bags of tricks out and use one now or it's over for you!". The fox tried to stay calm but as he was running through all of his tricks the dogs were getting closer and closer. He thought about running and hiding behind the nearest hedge but then decided to jump down a burrow. The fox started running around the field looking for a burrow. He found one too small to get completely away from the dogs. Then he found one too big that the dogs could follow him right down the hole. Just as he was looking for the right sized burrow, it was too late. The fox wasted too much time confused by all of his choices that the dogs finally caught him. The cat looked sadly down on the fox and thought it is better to have one safe way than a hundred you can't choose from. Hand carved from solid wood and hand finished in remarkable detail with numerous coats and washes of paint. Each hand crafted wooden Santa Claus figure is signed or initialed by the artist.