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Julemanden-Danish Santa

Julemanden-Danish Santa

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: pk13983
Price: $145.00
Artist: Pipka
Material: cold cast resin
Approx. Size: 11"
Edition Size: 3200
Year Made: 2007
This Santa is: sold out

Danish Christmas traditions go back hundreds of years and are closely linked to pagan customs celebrating the winter solstice. In fact, the word “Jul”, or “Yule” in English, comes from an older word meaning “wheel” and refers to the winter solstice and the turning of winter into spring and darkness into light. Hence, “Jul” has come to mean Christmas and “Julemanden” is the Christmas Man. The nisser are little dwarfs that play a big part in the Danish Christmas celebration even though their role has been taken over more recently by the Santa Claus, or Julemanden. They must be kept happy with porridge and treats or they can become quite cantankerous. An important Danish custom is to make paper ornaments. Every year, the family gathers papers, scissors and glue to cut and assemble dozens of paper hearts, stars and flag garlands to hang on the Christmas tree and throughout the house. The Julemanden is adding his own garland of Danish flags to the little fir tree which is already decorated with candles, hearts and stars. The Julemanden has “kleiner” cookies in his pocket and his sack is full of gifts any Danish child would love; ice skates, a book of Fairy Tales, a chimney sweep doll, and more hearts and stars. A dollhouse fashioned after the ancient houses of Copenhagen sits at his feet, the Queen’s carriage, and the pretty doll in a wicker chair. These gifts will surely add to the magic and wonder of a Danish Christmas.