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Midnight Express Train

Midnight Express Train

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: pk10127
Price: $145.00
Artist: Pipka
Material: stone cast resin
Approx. Size: 13.5"L x 5"
This Santa is: sold out

Santa's Midnight Express Train by Pipka. It's Christmas and Santa is on the go again. This time an old steam locomotive will take him across the mountains, plains and coastlines of America. Although the splendid age of steam engines is long past, Santa is determined to keep the spirit and memories of early railroads alive by delivering the children's toys on this chugging train. Although we live in a highly technological age, on Christmas Eve Santa has trains for little boys who lie awake in bed listening for the blowing whistle as the train comes to town. A boy's fascination with trains only seems to grow as he ages and little wooden toy trains give way to more sophisticated power driven trains set amidst mountains and man-made villages, creating a magical wonderland for the whole family. Santa's Midnight Express arrives laden with drums, books, dolls, puzzles, everything a child could wish for! Maybe even a toy train!