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Black Pencil Santas

Black Pencil Santas

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: pg08-45
Price: $560.00
Artist: Paul Green
Material: Giant Sequoia
Approx. Size: 10 to 20" tall
Hand Carved: solid wood
This Santa is: SOLD

This is a colorful and very unique collection of black Santa Claus carvings by Paul Green. For starters, 4 pencil Santas ranging from 10.5 inches in height to 20 inches and a hand carved black Santa ornament (5.5 inches in height) alone make an extremely rare find. Couple that with the fact that each of these African American Santas are carved of wood from Giant Sequoia, recycled grape stakes used in California vinyards in the early last century. This is a very dense wood as seen in the photograph. We counted between 70 and 75 growth rings (years of tree growth) in about two inches of wood, the thickness of the Santa photographed. 5 black Santas from 100 year old grape stakes, from the world's largest trees. These pieces are all hand carved, painted and signed by Paul Green.