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Mr and Mrs Claus - African American

Mr and Mrs Claus - African American

Quantity in Basket: None
Code: bsc552551
Price: $2,900.00
Artist: Barbara Scoles
Material: basswood-butternut
Approx. Size: 11 inches tall
Hand Carved: solid wood
This Santa is: SOLD

"Mr and Mrs Santa Claus - African American. Exceptionally charming hand carved piece, this black Santa and Mrs. Claus are amused by their affectionate cats as they wait for Christmas Day to come. Mrs. Claus is dressed in a long flowing skirt and a buttoned up white blouse with laced collar. Wearing a flowered green shawl and her apron, Mrs. Claus holds tightly to her red Christmas basket full of freshly baked Christmas goodies. In her other hand, she clutches her candle lit lantern to help light their way. Wearing a red Christmas hat to match his wife's, Santa is ready for Christmas day. As he gently cradles one of his cats in his arms, another cat cuddles up next to his Christmas coat. Two kittens, one in Santa's coat and the other from under Mrs. Claus's skirt, peek out in typical feline curiosity. Santa is dressed in a traditional long red coat with a green border and belt. His coat pockets are subtly accented with holly leaves and berries. Santa's wonderful beard flows down and around his contented cat. With matching perfection and a twinkle in their eyes, these two look to Christmas day with great anticipation. Mr Black Santa is carved from basswood and measures 11 inches in height. Mrs Claus is 10.5 inches in height and is carved from butternut, showing more of the natural wood grain. An original, one of a kind, solid wood Santa Claus figure designed, carved, painted and signed by Barbara Scoles."