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Old World Santas

The term 'Old World Santas' or 'Old World Santa Claus' most commonly is used in reference to the characters before the term 'Santa Claus' was officially coined. Belsnickel, Father Christmas, even Saint Nicholas figures have been referred to as 'Old World Santas', and most old world Santas have their roots in greater Europe. Our own Santa Claus, before he was so colorfully adorned by Hadan Sundblom and Coca-Cola, was often pictured wearing dirty and worn garb, and in furs, and covered in soot. These early ancestors to modern day Claus have also been described as 'Old-World Santas'. Regardless of the true definition, they typically just have that 'old-world'(European) look and are usually representations of a Santa or gift-giver of earlier times.

Antique Car
Price: $95.00
By: Possible Dreams
Belsnickel Santa Trio - large
Price: $59.95
Regular Price: $90.00
(You Save 33%)
Set of: 3 Santas
Green Old World Snowflake Santa
Price: $29.95
By: Kurt Adler
Red Old World Snowflake Santa
Price: $29.95
By: Kurt Adler
Blue Old World Snowflake-Santa
Price: $29.95
By: Kurt Adler
13" Old World Santa with Church
Price: $49.95
By: Kurt Adler
Belsnickle Glitter Santa
Price: $34.95
Black and Glittering Gold German Santa
Price: $48.00
By: Kurt Adler
10" Glittering Santa Set
Price: $29.95
Regular Price: $59.95
(You Save 50%)
Set of: 2 Santa figures
Black Father Christmas with Nice List
Price: $625.00
Artist: Susan Mattix
Hand Carved: solid wood
This Santa is: SOLD
Bulgarian Santa
Price: $125.00
Artist: Pipka
Butternut St. Nickolas - Mark & Janet Klein
Price: $2,200.00
Artist: Kleins
Hand Carved: solid wood